Check out the features essential to the management of your projects

Full Mobility

Access documents from any computer, tablet and smartphone with internet access.

Automatic Version Control

Ensure documents latest version. Prevents simultaneous document editing.


Add your company logo to the emissions made in the system.

Advanced Search

Search for documents by their content and creation of custom searches with any attribute.

Activities Workflow

Work stream (parallel and optional). Notifies responsible and controls documents term.

Automatic Relationship

Automatic documents relationship, sending alerts if there is any change in related documents.


Creating documents from templates registered in project.

Comments and Attachments

Comments registration and related attachments to documents.

Deadline Control

Assigning documents dates for tracking deadlines.

Verification Checklists

Documents Checklists (technical and quality). Errors ranking by professional.

Issues and Markup Control

Documents issuing and clients markup control.

Controlled and Traceable Access

Permission set for each user. Traceability of every action taken.

Automatic Notifications

Such as: inclusion or reviewing documents, term control, new activities.

Reports and Indicators

A set of reports and indicators allows you to online manage projects performance.

Built-in Document Viewer

View CAD (2D and 3D), Office, PDFs and more directly in browser, with no need of downloading third party applications.

Revisions and Comments

Create notes, drawings, comments and revisions in CAD, Office or PDF documents directly in browser.

Copy Control

Control the issuance of physical copies of documents directly on the platform.

Documents Emission

Transmittals and emissions of documents, lists, and delivery notes online.

Temporality Table

Control the temporality of your documents centrally.

Batch Actions

Perform batch system functions without the need to tamper with items individually.

Diffing / Comparision

Compare document revisions and versions and see changes easily.


Add watermarks to your documents instantly.

Security and Backup

Daily backups of our environments hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Web App (PWA)

All features of an app, without consuming space.

G Suite Integration

User management integrated to Google G Suite

Active Directory Integration

User management integrated to Microsoft Active Directory

LDAP Integration

User management integrated to LDAP protocol

AWS Hosting

Amazon Web Services hosting environment for improved security

Much More

E-CLIC still has many other features. Contact us to learn more.


Use the E-CLIC in the visual style you prefer. Use our themes to visualize your way.

Process Control

Control of company processes in a centralized and unified way.

Digital Signature

Sign your documents within the platform, no download required.

Web App

All features of an app, without consuming space.