See E-CLIC in practice with some of our customers.

OTZ Engineering

E-CLIC gives me very easy project management, with the ability to quickly and reliably access stored documents.”

Antônio Bonfadini – Project Manager

Engesul Group

“Using E-CLIC is an important differentiator for us. We have competitors who do not have this tool and some of our customers were very well impressed. “

Nelson Cardoso – Director

E-CLIC introduces quality management as the focus of administrator attention, substantially reducing rework in document issuance and greatly facilitating the preparation of Delivery Notes (GRDs). It also brings remote ease of use, as well as being an agile and fast tool. Blinx is a user of the project management software and recommends its use by the Consulting and Project Companies.

Cristiano Lins

Director - Blinx Information and Technology
With the use of E-CLIC we have a better document organization, ensuring reliability and agility in obtaining information. As a web system, E-CLIC DOCUMENTS enables online collaboration between geographically dispersed participants.

Danielle Paiva

Documents Control - Alliance 4D

E-CLIC gives us easy, fast and efficient access to our documents. The tools it provides provide a secure project development environment, assisting the entire team in their design and dramatically reducing the chances of rework. This promotes higher quality to our projects as well as greater safety for our customers, contributing to the company’s bottom line.

Vinícius RIbeiro

Project Analyst - TEC3
E-CLIC has assisted us in document tracking, including the date of sending or receiving the documents. Another benefit was the formalization of the project and document preparation process.

Willame Furtado

Building Technician-Planning - Projeta Consulting
Being a web system, E-CLIC offers full mobility of access to the documents registered in it. It effectively, safely and with quality provided the organization of Enar’s activities, documents and information management.

André Gilio

Planning Manager - Enar Projects
In the design of the first second generation (2G) Ethanol production plant we needed an easy-to-use tool that would allow immediate start-up for document control and project tracking and the E-CLIC was the tool of choice so far. has served us satisfactorily. Some customizations were required throughout the project and this flexibility was also strong point for our project.

Fábio Neves

Project Manager - GranEnergia
E-CLIC was a key tool for document control between partners and customers located in different places. In addition, it makes it easier to obtain histories and provides an overview of what is pending completion in a project through reporting options.

Jaqueline Vidotti

Project Engineering and Technical Documentation - GranEnergia


Natural gas processing unit (UPGN)

The E-CLIC is being used in the preparation of the executive engineering project and documentation analysis of suppliers of UPGN of COMPERJ.



The E-CLIC was used in the preparation of the executive engineering project and analysis of suppliers’ documentation from the Casa de Forças (CAFOR) and the Atmospheric Emission Abatement Unit (SNOX) of RNEST.

P-75 and P-77

Modules 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 14

E-CLIC was used in managing the executive project engineering and supplier document analysis.

PMXL-1 Mussel


E-CLIC is being used for engineering executive project approval, supplier document management, procurement, quality and administrative.

Methanol Plant

Disassembly and assembly project

The E-CLIC is used in the management of engineering documentation and supplier documentation for the methanol plant that will be dismantled in Brazil and assembled in the USA.

World's Largest Polymer Industry

United States of America

The E-CLIC is used in the management and flow control of the documentation of the largest polymer plant in the world. More than 1,000,000 controlled documents.

Largest Steel Producer in Brazil


E-CLIC is being used in executive engineering projects for the modernization and expansion of the Coqueira of the largest steel producer in Brazil.

Eucalyptus Pulp

Production plant

The E-CLIC was used in the preparation of the executive project for reinforced concrete structures and building plant installations with a capacity of 1.75 million tons of cellulose per year.

Large Energy Distributor

E-CLIC is being used in the management of engineering documents for substations and transmission lines of a major energy distributor in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

World's Largest Soft Drink Manufacturer

E-CLIC is being used in the management and flow control of the technical documentation of a new soft drink factory and distribution centers in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Large Audit Company

The E-CLIC is used in the management and control of the documentation flow of the more than 550 audited companies. Reduction of more than 30% in the deadline of the process of receiving and analyzing the documentation. Elimination of lost documents.