Manage legal documents and processes online and find out how E-CLIC can make this process faster and safer.

E-CLIC is electronic document management software that provides important benefits for companies such as:

  • Fast Document Search;
  • Document Status Tracking (document workflow);
  • Reduction of operational failures (automatic revision and version control);
  • Collaboration of geographically dispersed professionals (web system);
  • Document Access Control;
  • Traceability of all actions.

Law practice requires collecting, storing, and analyzing large volumes of documents and information, making it necessary to better manage this information. Lots of documents. Dealing with all these cases, matters, contracts and agreements is a challenge that can be alleviated with a legal document management system . E-CLIC automates business processes such as contract approval workflows by providing instant access to all the information you need so you can spend more time on intellectual work.

E-CLIC helps you in managing legal documents, ensuring higher quality, productivity and security in all types of documents. E-CLIC is the electronic document manager you needed.

E-CLIC facilitates electronic legal document management by promoting greater saving on paper waste, increasing agility in document search and organization. And the best: all online.

Why it is important for the legal field to do online document management with E-CLIC

Electronically stored information is useless if it is not managed effectively. E-CLIC helps law firms address all five categories of eDiscovery tasks: plan, preserve, prepare, review, and share.

Safe and reliable management

Managing processes and related documentation is easy when everything is in one place. The legal documents are all managed directly by E-CLIC. You can even share certain documents and information directly with customers, keeping confidential information safe and private.

Review and approve documents faster

The legal sector demands a lot of time from its professionals. E-CLIC frees up more hours a day by automating process review processes and contracts. Because E-CLIC knows who is responsible for all tasks along the way, notifications are sent automatically.

Integration with other systems

E-CLIC enables you to develop integrations with your other systems so you can find what you need from wherever you are, so that every information you need is in one place.

Increased productivity, quality and safety for documents and legal processes.

Higher Productivity

Don't waste time on misplaced documents, get information faster, and optimize professional performance.

Higher Quality

Standardize the document writing process, identify and eliminate recurring errors, and reduce the percentage of corrections.

Greater Security

Define who has access to certain documents, monitor actions taken, and receive alert messages.

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