Where does the E-CLIC run?

We operate very flexibly. We always recommend cloud storage in a secure environment controlled and managed by Profits Consulting. However, we also offer the option of own server or cloud hosting for customers who want to manage it on their own.

How does support work?

E-CLIC hiring includes training for system use (for administrators and users), as well as software maintenance and support. Our support is available via email and phone during business hours, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Can I customize the system?

Yes! As developers of E-CLIC, we have complete freedom and ability to adapt the system to specific customer needs. Our customization process involves specifying functionality and budget. Once approved by the customer, we will develop, test, approve and publish in your environment.

Are there any other purchase options?

Yes! In the subscription model, we offer monthly, semi-annual and annual payment options. This model includes support, system maintenance, and updates. In addition, if you prefer, we also have a perpetual purchase model, which guarantees you licenses without the need for continuous payment. In this model, our support, maintenance and upgrades are sold separately (first year included).

How to migrate to E-CLIC?

We understand that a migration process can be complex. The first step is to know where you want to migrate from: another system, paper documentation, etc. Once identified, we will perform an analysis of the required process, which can be done by the client himself or by Profits Consulting (upon contract).